If you have ever spent your entire weekend slaving away in the yard like many have faced you will be the first to appreciate a cold one or whiskey after the project is complete.

But for many millennials that are becoming homeowners, the projects are in their hands. However they’re consistently straying away from building retaining walls, fences, and decks and even outsourcing the routine work like driveway shoveling and mowing the lawn to a lawn care and landscaping company.  Millennials may not understand it, but they use the concept of leverage, which in this instance would be utilizing someone else’s labor at a rate lower than the rate at which they earn to allow tasks to be completed. Similar to running a business where the owner delegates these tasks to laborers and managers.

professional lawn service cutting the grass

‘Working Smart’ Rather Than ‘Working Hard’

Far too many from the “baby boomer” and similar generations are infatuated with this concept of “work hard”, rather than employing some technology into the picture and drastically reducing the amount of time that has to be spent doing something that a person doesn’t enjoy, and worse yet, having to do these labor intensive activities during the time off that get from their busy job during the week. The obsession of working hard for the sake of working hard, which in today’s day and age, hardly pays anything if your profession does not require your brain to use its power beyond basic movement type labor tasks.

Labor Intensive?

Therefore the baby boomer statement’s merit should be thrown out the window.

Why should someone strive to be a hard worker when they can do what they need to do for their living and outsource the rest of a company that is a professional. Allowing them to be optimized for their main goals. Seems foolish to do anything else. This has been a bit of a rant but needed. It is much more enjoyable to be out getting wasted on whiskey over the weekend at an establishment’s patio with a bunch of drunk members of the opposite sex, instead of pretending to try to look like the “tough guy” who digs holes, and gets dirty building something that hiring a professional can do the proper way in a fraction of the time and whom offers a warranty should something go wrong.

Ask yourself this – would you build a car on your own from scratch, if it meant saving a few thousand dollars?