When it comes to living your best life, few things make that better than enjoying alcohol such as whiskey with your friends. Whether you are meeting up for a very happy hour (or two, or more!), having drinks at home with some friends as a gathering, or going crazy by balling out at the club complete with bottle service, cocktail waitresses, dancing, loud music and all that entails afterwards. Life is best when it’s lived well, but having a home base to essentially call “home” is very important.

Structure In The Home

If one is going to get crazy on the weekends, they need to have somewhere during the week to ensure their day to day life is taken care of and structured. When one’s every day is structured to an extent, most grow tired of this and by the time the weekend rolls around, they are ready to let loose. But in order to be able to monetarily afford to let loose on the weekends, they must earn enough money at their job to pay for a house that’s nice enough to not hate and then feel as if they are allowed to live out the weekend.  So keeping to a weekday schedule is extremely important. This would be something such as waking up at the same time every day, eating the same food, leaving for work at the same time, coming home at the same time, then heading to the gym, then relaxing a little bit and having dinner which consists of the same food each day.  Then continue the cycle through the week until the grind is complete.

The Weekday Grind Is Done

Once Friday afternoon rolls around, most are ready to let go of their work because they’ve been doing it every day since Monday. That’s a lot of time and by 5pm Friday, the world (in that time zone at least) is ready to break open the flood gates and get to the weekend by racing home, then getting ready for a night on the town. Usually involving dinner with friends, then heading home with their significant other and enjoying “Netflix and Chill” or heading out to bars or clubs, or a sporting event. The possibilities are endless on the

the freedom of the weekend

weekends. Free time, everyone else is also off from their respective jobs, depending on the industry they work in. It’s a beautiful thing.

Life is just better on the weekends, and we wish for them to be everlasting.