As it is officially a couple weeks into the new year, we couldn’t be happier because when it is bitter cold in the middle of January, that means prime weekends away from home with plenty of alcohol and whiskey are afloat. And speaking of afloat, we can’t wait to be floating on a boat, on a lake, when it’s 90 degrees and hot out, babes in bikinis and the last care in the world is cutting my lawn.a lawn man working

But seriously, let’s think about this for a second. If you’re a person who has their head on straight.

Hiring For Lawn Care

How on Earth does it make any sense to spend an entire weekend spraying weeds, installing mulch, or heck – even when it’s January – I would rather watch playoff football with a whiskey coke in my hand, then be slaving away shoveling trying to remove the snow from my driveway! Then come Super Bowl time, that’s when the party really gets going.

But anyway, once summer time hits and those ice cold beers come out, there is nothing better than packing up for the weekend and forgetting about the sixty hour workweek than to get out to the lake and drink until we forget what we came there to forget. And that is saying something. When I figured out how to hire a lawn care company and landscaper, it was instantly the saying of “Here, take my money!” I’m out of here was my next thought.

Getting More Free Time on Weekends

Those guys get the work done during the while I am slaving for the bossman (but hey, I am able to afford to live and have whiskey on the weekends so who is complaining?), and come weekend time, there is no outdoor work that needs to be done on my property. So I can spend the next 48ish hours getting totally wasted and forgetting everything. I love it.

If you have the financial wherewithal and capability to be able to hire a contractor for the hard work around your house, please, for the sake of your sanity – do it!