September has arrived and that means it is time for relaxing, enjoying whiskey and watching football as the leaves begin to fall. However, with leaves beginning to fall, means your lawn turns into a mess, especially if you have a lot of trees or at least some large ones on your property. As you watch the players toss the ball you can see the leaves start to fall, especially once the cold overnight temperatures arrive.

The last thing you want to be doing when the game is on and you are about to chug some whiskey after seeing your team score a game winning touchdown is raking the leaves in the yard. Talk about a buzzkill, literally. Because then you have to get rid of the piles of raked up leaves by either putting them into bags and bringing them to the compost or hiring a company to haul them away.

Handling This Mess of Leaves

My go to choice for handling leaves is hiring a company to get the job done. A local provider of leaf removal services, I got a local lawn man to get the task handled each week – they offer the service in many areas but really hone in on Leaf Removal Champlin. Since they are local to that area, they informed me of a weekly pickup service they are able to start when come by each week to mow. They bag up all the debris as the cut the grass so it’s a win win for everyone. More money for the company and relaxing whiskey time and football for me.

Cost of Removing Leaves

When you are talking about a job that is the magnitude of removing leaves from a property, it requires some serious equipment. Therefore there is a serious cost to removing leaves. It is best to check out this guide for leaf removal costs, then run it by the local guys to see what he charges and see if you can throw in some drinks to maybe lower the cost of the job. But even if you do have to pay a couple hundred bucks, compared to spending three weeks raking every night after work, it is worth it 100%.