Taking Back Our Weekends From Landscaping Projects

If you’re as much of a weekend enthusiast as I am, you’ll recognize the amount of time that’s wasted on a home landscaping project when it could be spent… getting wasted enjoying too much whiskey in our hometown with our friends, for lack of a better way to describe it.

The Time Drawback of Home Landscape Projects

Think about it. Let’s say you want to build a paver patio in your backyard. An average sized patio for most residential dwellings is probably twelve feet by twelve feet, yes there are variables but hear me out. That’s one hundred forty four square feet. If on average, according to most professional landscaping companies a paver patio build will take about three quarters of a man hour, per square foot for the project.

With one hundred forty four square feet, that’s about one hundred eight man hours. If you were to do the right thing and hire a professional paver patio builder this could cost upwards of $7,500 depending on a company’s going rate. However, would you like to spend a backbreaking one hundred eight hours building a patio!? Keep in mind, these time rates are for a professionally trained crew. If you’re the guy that gets obliterated on whiskey each weekend, it’ll take you double the time! At spending twenty hours per weekend on the project, that’s at least six weekends, ten hours per day spent on this project.

So half of your summer swallowed up because you chose to pinch pennies. Because remember, if you do it yourself – there’s no warranty on the product, or the most important part which is the labor and improper installation can cause disaster to strike with not only the patio itself falling apart but wrong slope could push water into your basement. You’re talking tens of thousands of dollars at that rate. Who’s the sucker now?

The Better Option To Do It Yourself Landscaping

All things aside, the kings of the world that lay around making money while sipping scotch, whiskey, and beer are the last ones you’ll see slaving away in the backyard trying to build a patio, wall or whatever else. They know when to hire the professionals to do whatever task it may be, so that when the weekend comes, they can enjoy it the proper way – with an ice cold glass of whiskey.

I suggest you do the same. 6 weekends burned up and having to fix mistakes by yourself or pay a contractor to come fix the mistakes or $7,500 just one single time, the choice is yours and it’s painfully obvious.

Keeping The Outdoors Beautiful In All Areas of The Country

When it comes to keeping a high quality of life in the home, few things are as important as the outdoor area. The overall curb appeal is massively effected by the way a house looks. And when a house looks good, its inhabitants are even more happy, without the need of false happiness creators such as alcohol like whiskey.  Which can be quite detrimental to a human’s life and overall morale within the home.

Caring For The Lawn When It Matters Most

All things aside from binge drinking and/or enjoying alcohol. Having a nicely kept home is very important for making the neighbors look jealous. And there is not a better way to ensure an amazing looking home like having a nice lush green lawn. An example of a great looking lawn is shown below, this if furnished by Fresh Cut Turf Pros, a provider of Lawn Care in Mascoutah, IL.

perfectly mowed lawn in illinois

You can see the deepness of the green turf, showing the immense amount of nitrogen that’s used for fertilizing to keep grass in that green state all season long. If you’re able to achieve this same look on your own property, then you have it made! Seriously, every single neighbor will be jealous as can be that your lawn looks that good. It’s not out of line to say the grass looks better than a major league baseball stadium’s outfield!

Even better, if you were to hire a professional groundskeeping service, you won’t have to do any of the hard work to have your home achieve this look. Talk about a win, win situation for all involved. You are able to laugh at your neighbors and enjoy some whiskey or whatever your alcoholic beverage of choice is, while they are out slaving away cutting the lawn, spreading fertilizer, and trimming shrubs. And then, a great local business is receiving the benefit of another client, also known as more revenue and more exposure for their business.

Make Fun, Then Ask How You Did It

The old adage of doing something different, getting a bunch of flack for peers, and then after results arrive, they ask “how did you do it?”. It reigns true in many aspects of life and outdoor lawn and landscape maintenance is no stranger to it in most neighborhoods throughout the USA. If you decide to go against the grain of the typical working man who takes too much pride in his “hard work” of mowing and fertilizing his own place each week and decide to hire a lawn care company like Fresh Cut Turf Pros or whomever is local to your area.

You’ll be the butt of every joke when you go out for beers and whiskey at the local watering establishment. That is until, these types of companies do the work and you keep the lawn watered, then one day coming home from work your not-so-nice neighbors’ jaws drop at the depth of green in your lawn.

Meanwhile, you’ll be inside relaxing with a cold one and while the neighbor fires up his mower to get the old weekend routine started with beers and mowing. Life is just grand isn’t it?

The Best Weekend Ever – Beer, Whiskey and Country Music When Mowing The Lawn

There comes a time during every year when the weather gets hot, humid and the sun’s shining and there’s nothing better than after spending a bunch of time cutting grass in the hot summer’s sun than enjoying some ice cold whiskey and beer.  I’ve spent my fair share of days having to work outside in the sun over the years. Some days were good, other days, well not so much.

How To Enjoy Summer Weekends With Drinks and Friends

But, the caveat to all that is the concerts that come around, especially country. Nobody enjoys an ice cold whiskey and coke alongside a beer than a bunch of screaming country music fans. A great example would be to look at a concert we attended a few years back by Luke Bryan and a few other big name artists in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

People were dancing, singing and overall just getting drunk and going crazy for the music. Talk about a grand ol’ time. The video I shared unfortunately wasn’t one of mine, I only wish I could’ve been that close and on stage to enjoy those sweet melodies.

However, I reach an epiphany at that stage, I realized how I needed to enjoy my time more every day. And this meant cutting out anything that caused me to not enjoy every single second of freedom and free time I had outside of my 8am to 5pm job Monday through Friday. So in turn, I had to find a house cleaner (Beauticians Inc.), because that takes hours to do each week. Next was a home chef (Your Kitchen Automated, LLC).

Getting Down To It For Getting My Weekend Drinking Time Back

I saved over a dozen hours per week by doing that. And then I had to find a snow plowing service for the winter time (who knows how many back breaking hours that endures), and eventually when the following spring came around, I found the lawn care service. And I was wowed by the work those guys (Always Greener Landscaping) did each week, because best of all I never had to get dirty again with the mowing, grass blowing all over, weed trimming, and laying the mulch wood chips. What a mood improvement to not have to come home to doing that stuff on weeknights and big projects on the weekend because I had hired it out. If you own property in the Lehigh Valley, I can’t recommend them enough, check their website for information about Always Greener’s lawn care and landscaping services. I cant describe the feeling any more than “sigh of relief!” once the burden of having to work on my house on the weekends is now lifted off me!

My time is so much more valuable, even compared to the $50-$75+

ice cold beer, country music

per hour that the lawn care company ends up charging for their lawn mowing, rock bed, and leaf removal work. And my chef is about $100 per hour, but it’s an investment rather than a cost because that’s more time spent with friends, good music, cold alcoholic drinks (unless it’s winter time and we’re talking about some alcohol infused eggnog), and good times. It just simply can’t be beat.

Home Life Is The Best Life

When it comes to living your best life, few things make that better than enjoying alcohol such as whiskey with your friends. Whether you are meeting up for a very happy hour (or two, or more!), having drinks at home with some friends as a gathering, or going crazy by balling out at the club complete with bottle service, cocktail waitresses, dancing, loud music and all that entails afterwards. Life is best when it’s lived well, but having a home base to essentially call “home” is very important.

Structure In The Home

If one is going to get crazy on the weekends, they need to have somewhere during the week to ensure their day to day life is taken care of and structured. When one’s every day is structured to an extent, most grow tired of this and by the time the weekend rolls around, they are ready to let loose. But in order to be able to monetarily afford to let loose on the weekends, they must earn enough money at their job to pay for a house that’s nice enough to not hate and then feel as if they are allowed to live out the weekend.  So keeping to a weekday schedule is extremely important. This would be something such as waking up at the same time every day, eating the same food, leaving for work at the same time, coming home at the same time, then heading to the gym, then relaxing a little bit and having dinner which consists of the same food each day.  Then continue the cycle through the week until the grind is complete.

The Weekday Grind Is Done

Once Friday afternoon rolls around, most are ready to let go of their work because they’ve been doing it every day since Monday. That’s a lot of time and by 5pm Friday, the world (in that time zone at least) is ready to break open the flood gates and get to the weekend by racing home, then getting ready for a night on the town. Usually involving dinner with friends, then heading home with their significant other and enjoying “Netflix and Chill” or heading out to bars or clubs, or a sporting event. The possibilities are endless on the

the freedom of the weekend

weekends. Free time, everyone else is also off from their respective jobs, depending on the industry they work in. It’s a beautiful thing.

Life is just better on the weekends, and we wish for them to be everlasting.