The Different Types of Alcohol and Alcoholic Drinks

types of alcohol

Alcoholic beverages have been a popular drinking medium for celebrations, parties and whatever else we can find an excuse to drink them for a long period of time in our history here on this planet. These alcoholic beverages are usually classified under two major categories. Find more info on skull vodka here.

Types of Alcoholic Beverages

1. Undistilled or fermented Alcoholic Beverages
2. Distilled Alcoholic Beverages

Both of the categories have a wide range of alcoholic beverages. These alcohol types have originated in different parts of the globe at different point of time.

Fermented Alcoholic Beverages

The different fermented and undistilled alcoholic beverages include Beer, Chicha, Cider, Icarinne Liquor, Palm Wine, Sake, Tapache, Tiswin and Wine

Types of Beer

This is one of the oldest forms of fermented alcoholic beverages. As people across the globe consumed different forms of beer, there are actually many sub types in beer.

  • Ale – This type of beer is brewed from malted barley by mixing certain amount of yeast. The yeast helps in fermenting the beer and giving a fruit flavor to the beer.
  • Fruit Beer – Fruits like cherry, raspberry and peach are commonly used in brewing this type of beer. Most of the breweries add a flavor of these fruits instead of fermenting these fruits.
  • Lager – This is another kind of beer that is brewed and stored at low temperatures. It is the most widely brewed and consumer beer in the world. It had its origins in Germany.
  • Sahti – This is a Finnish Beer and is brewed by mixing different types of malted and unmalted grains such as Barley, wheat, Oats and Rye
  • Wheat Beer – This type of beer is produced by mixing a larger proportion of wheat when compared to the malted barley content. This type of beer had its origins in Austria and Germany.