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Let’s talk about oil free fryers for healthy cooking , this new fashion for anyone who takes care of their diet.

Nowadays many people look for the way to eat as healthy as possible, at least those who are aware of their health and physique choose not to ingest any type of cholesterol or oil that may present in a certain food or food.

With the evolution of technology today there are various artifacts that allow the human to eat in a healthy way without the need for oils and cholesterols harmful to health.

There are several methods to cook without the need to use oil , for example we have menus that can be steamed, baked, cooked or grilled.

Fryers without oil specifications


This is an important question that questions the health of many people, although natural oil may seem healthy, it is not.

This answer has several reasons supported by medical bases.

One of them is that the oil has a high content (50%) of saturated fats, these fats increase the DHL cholesterol which can cause serious health disorders such as increased blood pressure, blockages in the vascular veins, pains Head, dizziness and more.

So if you want to prolong your life you should avoid eating all these types of fritangas that only do damage to your body and your circulatory system.


If you are a person who takes care of your health you will see the need to obtain new appliances that allow you to cook in a healthy way, one of them is the fryer without oil .

These types of freidora sin aceite – mejores recetas are perfect for cooking your meals healthily.

Something interesting is that despite being a fryer this does not need a pinch of fatty content , since the cooking of food is due to the air circulates at high temperatures in a space restricted space , this allows the cooking is Make it easy and little time.


The architecture of oil-free fryers is based on an attractive design , mostly made of glossy plastic.

In terms of volume oil-free fryers occupy a normal space for any kitchen today, it has an average size of a coffee maker.
The cooking of food in an oil-free fryer is based on the joining of a grill and circulating air at high temperatures and speeds , the good thing is that each appliance of this has its own gradability and manageability.


The preparation time is really surprising, depending on the taste of each person and how fried the food.

The oil-free fryer has 10 minutes to fully cook a meal .

In a conventional frying, meals can take up to 20 minutes, something that impatiens many.

Fryers without oil prices


This is another point in favor of fryers without oils, with these devices you will not have the concern of smoke, splashes, scents and oils irrigated .

Fryers without oil do not use any ingredient to cook meals, everything is natural and through electricity, so do not worry about cleaning or anything like that.


Fries that are not fried have several positive aspects to emphasize, the main thing is that they do not contain oil and second they are with a crisp taste and texture .

Also best of all is that your hands are not soaked with oil.


Oil-free fryers are conventional appliances that can be found in any appliance store, but we certainly recommend buying them on Amazon for its price and dependability.

These fryers can get them from about 40 euros , but everything depends on the quality, brand and efficiency.

To see the variety of fryers you can visit this link.



If you want to know which fryer without oil is better you will have to analyze the use you are going to give, but we can advance our personal opinion.

Of all the fryers that fry without oil that we use and like is the Cecofry Compact Plus, has a capacity of 5L and its price is 49 euros on Amazon.


It is easy to know how the fryer works without oil, but when it is used it is possible that someone thinks it is more complicated than a current.

In this case it will be enough to introduce the food in the hole and mark the option that we want: very done, crunchy … we have no doubt that you will find the way to make it work without problem.

Choose program and introduce the food, this is how the fryers work, simple?


The truth is that we have received some mail asking if the fryers are effective or if they are good.

As every new product always has detractors and people in favor, who do we trust?

In our opinion, if they are healthy and effective , there is no doubt that they work great and help us eat healthier without the need to try harder.

Exercises to relieve the pain of sciatic nerve sciatica – art of living

Sciatica is not a disease in itself, but is a symptom of problems affecting the sciatic nerve, such as disc herniation (disc protrusion) or spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal cord).

The pain due to sciatica can be very uncomfortable until it resolves automatically within 4-8 weeks. Within this time, personal care can help deal with pain, which includes performing home-based exercises and taking appropriate medications. Sciatic pain is a pain that radiates from the back and extends to the leg or can also occur as a cramp in the leg.

Sometimes “pins and needles” type of sensation, numbness, tingling can occur as well. Sciatica is commonly seen in middle-aged people (30-50 years of age). In this age group can occur due to normal wear and tear. Accumulation of sudden pressure in the spine can also cause sciatica. Sciatic pain may worsen at night or after standing or sitting, coughing or sneezing, walking or bending backwards.

What causes sciatic nerve pain?

Sciatica can be caused by a wide variety of conditions that affect the sciatic nerve. Some of these conditions are:

The diagnosis of sciatica is based on physical examination of irritated nerve roots, X-ray tests for disc prolapse, disc degeneration, and disc narrowing. Magnetic resonance imaging may be helpful in identifying tumors that are responsible for nerve compression. The neuromuscular examination may be useful in identifying abnormal reflexes or weakness in the legs and foot movement.

Treatment options for the sciatic nerve

Non-Surgical Treatment

Surgery may not be necessary for 80-90% of those affected with sciatica as it will heal the pain by itself after a break and enough time. Treatment for this type of person is usually used for the reduction of pain through the use of analgesics and adequate rest. Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents such as ibuprofen can be used as over-the-counter medications. The use of ice or warm compress can significantly decrease inflammation and relieve pain. The rest usually bed is advised for a few days during the acute phase until the inflammation disappears.

Physical therapy should be started as soon as possible, even at home to speed up the healing process. Walking short distances can help the activity decrease the inflammatory process and be active assists to overcome the pain. A steroid drug such as cortisone is sometimes injected into the spine in people who suffer from chronic or severe pain. Orthopedic appliances, splints, and other aids such as orthopedic shoes can help compensate for impaired function.

Surgical Treatment

This sciatica treatment option is considered in those individuals suffering from disabling sciatic pain even after 3 or more months of non-surgical treatment. A herniated disc is the most common cause of what surgical correction requires. The procedure is to relieve pressure on the nerve by removing part of the herniated disc.

Rehabilitation procedures

These are aimed at relieving the pain associated with sciatica and improving range of motion. In addition, they also improve the flexibility and strength of the muscles of the lower back, upper and lower legs and other associated muscles and ligaments. These exercises also improve recovery and allow a faster return to daily activities.

Home-Based Strategies for Reducing Sciatica

Rest Dual:

This is the principle of combining rest with relaxing activities such as watching television, reading books, along with rest in the acute phase of pain

Physical exercises

Home-based exercises can be done to strengthen the muscles of the back, legs and feet, as well as stretching exercises to relieve pain. These can be done with the advice of a physiotherapist to return to full state functioning

Other measures

Yoga, mediation and breathing techniques can be done at home to relieve excess stress and improve functioning of vital organs and reduce pain related to the sciatic nerve. Applying ice packs may reduce nerve inflammation.

Home-Based Exercises for Sciatica

Home-based approach to sciatica rehabilitation involves stretching and strengthening exercises. These exercises help to relax the muscles of the lower back, abdomen and thighs. By doing these exercises the severity of the symptoms of sciatica can decrease.

Stretching exercises

The following are the stretching exercises commonly done to relieve sciatic pain:

Strengthen the exercise

Weakened muscles are associated with sciatica. Rest in bed and physical inactivity in people suffering from sciatica is further aggravated by pain. Strengthening exercises will especially direct the musculature of the back, thighs, legs and feet, strengthens them. These exercises should be performed following proper stretching to relieve tension in the muscles.

Sciatica Exercises

These are specific exercises that are intended for particular underlying conditions such as herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or the conditions of degenerative discs that would have caused sciatica.
For sciatica derived from disc hernia, the following exercises are advised:

For sciatica of spinal stenosis:

Sciatica due to degenerative disc problems can be alleviated with lumbar stabilization exercises such as:

Low-impact aerobic exercise

Cycling, slow walking is also recommended in some people with sciatica is not so serious for improving overall fitness and conditioning of all muscles.

Rehabilitation Tips

Chilling injury of a French gymnast in Rio


The image is not suitable for sensitive. On the first day of competition in Rio, the French Samir Ait Said gymnast abruptly ended their participation in the Olympic Games after suffering a chilling injury jumping competition gymnastics. Through Twitter, the French delegation reported that studies identified a “fracture of tibia and fibula.”

Said left leg bent out during landing, which led to the surprise and amazement of the audience in the arena. The French remained on the floor, in pain, while doctors came to their aid. Then he withdrew it on a stretcher and the audience stood to applaud.

Not the first time that this gymnast suffers a setback in his career, as he could not attend the 2012 London Games because of a serious injury to his right knee. In Rio, meanwhile, Said was considered the main potential medal for the French men’s team in rings, modality which was seven times national champion.


Samir Ait Said after fracturing. (DPA)

The injury occurred minutes after the German Andreas Toba hurt his knee in the floor exercises. Toba abandoned his routine and required help from physiotherapists to join and with the help of his Injury attorney Boca Raton. However, he managed to compete in pommel jump before leaving for medical care. The studies found that has an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament.

Science, cosmetics and nature together to make shaving an art

Science, cosmetics and nature come together to highlight the beauty in male skin.

The only cosmetic procedure that, until recently, carried out the men was shaving, and today has evolved so much that is not so aggressive with the skin as before.

Now there are many more options that help you get the best results, such as the preparation of the face and aftercare, not to mention the renewal of shaving foam.

Shaving is very important to prepare the skin properly for best results before proceeding with the razor or electric shaver.

We can begin, a couple of times a week with a gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells; It can be done with Jojoba Face Scrub Malin + Goetz , a unisex peeling for all skin types that cleanses while maintaining the pH. Does not dry or irritate and has a very natural fragrance.

Those who seek exclusivity will be delighted with the Over Night Peeling Olesome MBR Men , on sale for 118 euros, only in the Douglas perfumeries.


This is a new and luxurious product that is applied at night gently exfoliate, eliminating ingrown hairs and leaving a smooth skin and full of life. Its texture is non-greasy lotion, suitable for all skin types, and its results are palpable almost instantly thanks to its formulation obtained based dermatologic and pharmaceutical research. The cutting edge of science in the service of your shave.

Full and shaving is very useful Pre-Shave Oil of Anthony , exclusive brand for men. This product prevents burning sensation that causes the blade thanks to the combination of essential oils of eucalyptus and pepper. It is applied mixed with the usual shaving lift x creme and softens the beard.

For a total visibility and accuracy, nothing beats Shave OilClarins , which softens the hair and allows excellent sliding blade. Furthermore, with its so great 30 ml it is ideal for travel.

The busy men, when time is critical and every minute counts, will be delighted with Shave Balm 3 in 1 Ulltra , sold exclusively at Sephora . In a single gesture, we advance preparation shaving, shaving cream and aftershave moisturizer.

Finally, there is the Ultra Comfort of Biotherm Homme , a new aftershave that offers unprecedented comfort to date, leaving a lasting effect on the face cashmere remaining 24 hours. Re not only hydrates but also repairs, strengthens and is preparing the face for shaving the next day.

They are all cosmetic products to pamper the skin of the male face.

Beyond the Camera: The art of photography

It is often said that the photograph builds its own history. Or what it is the same: each photographer runs a personal path holding their own way to take photography as art, as well as technical. And the photographic concept – the idea behind the image, supports the message that expresses – is perhaps the most profound interpretation on the fact the image as an artistic concept. His ability to tell stories and, above all, to conceptualize the world around the Photo Corner in personal and sensory recognizable symbols.

However, photography as an aesthetic expression is not often speak. It insists on its ability to capture reality, to transform the image into a truthful witness and even to support the information and experience as a testimonial element.However, as an art form in its own right, the picture seems to fall on a foggy area where rarely, photographer questioned. And the code and subjective art as a symbol, it seems constructed from the perception of the image not only as a technical product – it can be – but also a genuine reflection on the opinion, private metaphors and ideas of its author. An essential structure that aims not only capture the reality – although you can do it – but also reflect on the subjective from a critical perspective.

So, the question arises, why most photographers do not analyze their work from the artistic perspective? Or rather What are the most common mistakes visual artists to conceive his work as a transcendent expression of ideas? How affect the integrity conceive photographic work only as an immediate commercial resource, technical and? After asking several photographers on the subject, I came to some conclusions that can be summarized as follows:

Photography, even the pure documentary and technique essentially is a reflection of its author. Each artistic, conceptual and symbolic decision the photographer to capture an image, create a unique conception of reality. So photography, reflects not only how to observe the photographer, but how it looks. As it develops and interprets the codes and symbols around him in a consistent visual language. For this reason and despite its immediacy, photography never ceases to be an elementary idea and above all, concrete on a very personal artistic expression is built. Every photographer meditates on reality from their point of view, it transforms to create a vision of the environment and above all, to build a valid expression of what is considered a decisive idea in his work.

For this reason, the necessary image is a reflection of its author. Their intellectual, emotional and even spiritual evolution. Avoid this consequent transformation of the photographic idea cling to codes simply because we are simple and recognizable, repeating conceptual schemes even when they are no longer able to reflect our core ideas, condemn any visual creation to lose that power to convey ideas. And it is that any artistic work grows as the author is able to understand their own intellectual and nuances beyond their interpretation on how artistic ideas develops.

I once read that the famous Annie Leibovitz stopped photographing with a camera Hasselblad because the extraordinary accuracy of the equipment the trustworthiness of the images. With some concern, he explained that the resulting image was so flawless that undermined the substantial element – and often imperfect – that defines an image. So again use a lower quality photographic equipment but allowed him to achieve this interpretive depth that somehow had lost using more accurate equipment.

Photography depends on a technological tool to take place, but it is certainly more than just the technology behind the device. Each photograph is a profound combination of ideas and perceptions of reality, building a coherent and above all transcendent visual code. The image becomes idea. The idea is built on the basis of artistic perception. So while a team of art can do much simpler image capture and processing as a technical element, which actually holds the visual power of any visual creation it depends on artistic and intellectual author of his decisions. A camera will not make you a better photographer, in the same way that a defective technical tool will not affect your visual language but your ability to grasp the way you need. The game of the camera and who holds it, involves understanding that photography is the result of a series of intuitive analysis of what creates it and not mere technical decisions which are the vehicle for expressing these complex interrelationships between image and artistic ability of its author.

All photography is created to be seen, or at least the essential idea in which usually insist the time to reflect on the photographic world. There are exceptions, of course, as the photographic work of Vivian Maier, street photographer throughout his life hid his extraordinary visual work. However, most visual artists analyze the final result of their work with respect to the effect it might have on a hypothetical observer, which is logical to some extent. Still, the photographic understanding evolves from the point of photography as a creative element shown into an artistic idea supported by the artistic needs of its author. In other words, the photographer stops creating for others and became interested in the interaction between the subjective and reflective of any artistic work.

When a photographer insists on creating exclusively only for possible approval viewer loses essential to elaborate on the issues that concern capacity, obsess or seduce him. And to create just to get recognition, understanding, empathy and even reflect the sympathy of the beholder photography, transforms the photographic work in a mere consequence of the interaction with a possible public and especially with the general idea that any observer He has on his work.

Most photographers imitate their immediate references, which is not objectionable if the exercise allows you to perfect the mechanisms that make his work and support their visual idea. However, when imitating becomes the only means of visual creation, photographer transforms his work in a constant repetition of visual codes that not only do not belong, but much less reflect the artistic and conceptual idea in every photograph. And although imitation is an exercise of true creation – to the extent that photography often repeated herself in cycles and recognizable visual structures – the fact that the photographer is unable to innovate, structuring ideas and make artistic decisions based on own opinions transform his photographic work in a mere reflection of something else, in a reinterpretation of ideas that not only considers themselves but much less identify him. Imitation also limits the ability of the photographer to take basic decisions about what creates and beyond, in the way assumes its own visual creation.

Understand the operation and capabilities of your technical team, will always be the most effective way to avoid the awkwardness in using technological resources interfere with the visual and conceptual creation. However, insist that the technical quality of a photograph depends exclusively on the power of the camera you use, is to transform photography into a mere mechanical product. Photography as an artistic element, begins long before the seizure. It is an intellectual process that involves analyzing not only the ideas but also the essential sensitivity photographer when creating and building a concept of what the look photographically. A camera can allow greater ease and accuracy in decision, but a good concept expresses ideas visually complex, despite even lower quality equipment.

Once, one of my teachers recommended me shooting my favorite books read again before starting a series of images on which he had researched for months. I was surprised that his advice did not include photographic books on technical analysis or theory, visual concepts, but only my favorite books.Unconvinced, I accepted the advice and spent a couple of weeks enjoying my favorite authors. The result? origin rethinking what wanted to build photographically and in fact, a whole new perspective of the essential idea on which he had been working. I found that I had forgotten – or impaired – a whole series of concepts and perceptions about my opinion on what I think as an artistic work of great importance when expressing my personal ideas.When I returned to the research process, I found that rereading my favorite books – and in fact, analyze my references, views and reflections on a new perspective – I was allowed to create a sensory photographic concept and especially close to what I really wanted to communicate through images.

And it is that photography is nourished by imagination, intellectual capacity, immediate and profound photographer references. It is an infinity of ideas and perceptions that build a concrete photographic perspective and especially rich in nuances compendium. And is the intellectual curiosity of the author, the need to understand and take photography as a concept in perpetual growth, which gives it its distinctive and intimate trait.

Photography is an art / young technique and therefore constantly growing.And yet, that’s not the only reason why the photographer always learn something new about the visual and artistic creation. The image is a mixture of ideas and perceptions that produce a particular language as it relates to reality and above all, the perception that the photographer has on the quality of the image to reflect its surroundings. And it’s that slow understanding of the possibilities of the image, the vision of photography as an essential idea that is developed through artistic decisions making it consistent and substantial. Learn to photograph is the management team or reflection on the basic concepts that underpin their approach, but the ability of the image to structure the complexity of the subjective through visual metaphors not only.A photographer builds ideas and above all, made approaches. In the same way that the canvas is a reflection of the painter’s imagination, a photograph is the result of continuous analysis and sustained photographer with respect to its visual language.

A short list no doubt, but it summarizes the ability of photography to sustain an artistic language in its own right and, above all, the ability of each photographer to create a visual idea for you. After all, I think as I lift my camera and look at the world through the viewfinder, every photograph is unique, but especially – and perhaps is that its most important feature – significant.

The design of a package of a student from the School of Art in Segovia, awarded by the Valencian Innovation Cluster

The student of the School of Art and Design Segovia Hergueta Carlos Colomo has won an Award of Design and Sustainability Cluster Innovation, Packaging of ซิปล็อค for its design of a package for child surveillance cameras Digimonitor.

The design of a package of a student from the School of Art in Segovia, awarded by the Valencian Innovation Cluster

The awards, created in 2009, recognize the talent of students and seek to strengthen the link between education and business, and to promote and consolidate the design and sustainability of packaging as levers for innovation in marketing.

In this edition, 150 students presented projects innovative and friendly packaging environment. The winners in each category received a prize of one thousand euros.

The proposal of Carlos Colomo, born in Soria, consists of a package with different sections for each object that allows greater product protection. This is a cover for daily use to facilitate transport to consumers.

The main materials for manufacturing are Neogreene, foam material behavior identical to neoprene but 60 percent more environmentally friendly.

Awards, whose sixth edition companies have collaborated Dacsa, Miniland Baby, Sausages Arco Martinez and valves have been financed Program Support for Innovative Business Groups (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

balanced diet or the art of learning to eat portions

Knowing what the appropriate portion for each food is one of the biggest challenges for people who want to have control over their weight.Fortunately, with a little practice you can develop precision. It is not necessary to measure all the food consumed each day, just have a starting reference point. In the quantity and variety of foods that should be consumed are also important characteristics such as age, type of daily physical activity, health conditions and stage of development in which the person (be adolescence , pregnancy, lactation, menopause, elderly).

This lack of logic to identify proper portion sizes contributes that in recent decades the restaurant portions have grown, so, perception and stomach get more used to larger portions. This happens especially with fast food, where what sounds like “2×1”, “super size” and “big” becomes more attractive and dimensions of these temptations grow on par with the waist of diners.

The caloric intake of food is directly related to the physical activity of the person. To get an idea, the average daily calories required Latina women is 1600-1900 calories, while men have a consumption between 1,900 and 2,200 calories. This, for people who have an activity among sedentary and light, that is, they spend more than eight hours sitting and fail to complete two hours standing or moving every day.

If added to this reality than a burger, a portion of fries and a medium soda, exceed 800 calories, it is clear that the quality of food also matters and that to do three main meals and at least one entrecomida, it is necessary to eat fruits and vegetables, which have both satiated and caloric intake. An ideal approach suggests that the total calories a day, 30% are consumed at breakfast, 40% -45% at lunch, at dinner 20% and 5% -10% in snack foods.

-Nathalia Pérez Ortega, nutritionist-dietitian, public health specialist.
-Book: Graphic exchange Food Guide. Myriam Posada Jaramillo Jaramillo Ochoa Gelen.

What is a serving?

These indications are defined for healthy adults. Individuals with cardiovascular, renal, gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, hypertension, intolerance to milk protein, should have medical guidance.

Dairy products

In this group are products such as flavored milk, yogurt, buttermilk and cheese. They are given three to four servings a day.

1 cup milk = 1 cup yogurt 6 oz. = 180 cc. = 02.01 well of ice

Milk substitutes

1 cup milk =
1 slice of cheese = 30 g
2 lonchitas cheese (yellow cast)
4 tablespoons of cheese (Parmesan, cottage, ricotta, mozzarella)


In a healthy diet in people without overweight, you can consume between 3 to 10 servings of grains (rice, rye, oats, corn and derivatives); bananas and tubers (potatoes, Creole potatoes, yams, cassava); grains and dried or green legumes (lentils, peas, beans, peas, soybeans). Broth soups and are considered within this food group.

4 tablespoons rice
1 common potato medium
½ green banana or mature
3 criollas potatoes
¼ small unit cassava
4 tablespoons rasas oats
½ beans well, lentils, chickpeas, peas, cooked
¾ cup cereal
1 medium corn bread
½ well pasta
1 snack with less than 100 calories


They include red and white meats, including organ meats and seafood. You should eat at least once a day; children, adolescents, women in pregnancy and nursing, two servings a day. An indication of the size is like a deck of cards, the palm of the hand or closed fist hand.

100 g meat = 3 oz = 1/5 pound = 1 large can of tuna = ½ breast

Partial meat substitutes

These foods reach 80% of meat protein, but not all the iron supply. They should be consumed in moderation because they have saturated fat and sodium.

1 serving = 2 sausage meat = 1 egg + 1 slice cheese = 2 eggs


It includes green leafy vegetables, which are shaped flower, the stems (asparagus, hearts of palm, celery), bulbs (carrot, radish), fungi. They can be consumed freely, preferably without added sauces. The minimum daily amount is four tablespoons a day.

Fruits and juices

Maximum five servings a day, at least three. Ideally fruit should not be left entirely to consume mature, because in that process loses fiber and increases the fructose (fruit sugar).

Unit = 1 medium apple = 2 granadillas = 2 Greengages = ½ banana.
In cluster 12 to 13 units grapes, strawberries, gooseberries.
In chopped, ½ papayuela = 1 slice of pineapple, watermelon.

vegetable and animal fats

Three to five servings a day. Prefer vegetable fats (nuts, avocados, olive oils, canola oils, margarines), the animals (bacon, cream, chicken skin, costeño serum). To get an idea: while medium baked potato has 80 calories, fried has 300 calories.

Postrera 1 teaspoon oil, butter
1 tablespoon whipping cream
¼ avocado
1 strip of bacon
7 units almond
nine whole peanuts
1 package of 50 g of peanuts with raisins

Sugars and sweets

Ideally, a maximum of one portion a day. Artificial sweeteners are good substitutes.

2 tablespoons sugar = 1 tablespoon honey = ¼ brown sugar
1 small scoop of frozen
1 chocolate milk Jet
4 confites
1 triangle homemade cake
2 tablespoons jam
1 tablespoon arequipe
4 filled cookies
1 malt = double portion sugar
1 juice in personal cash = 1 ½ servings of sugar. It does not replace natural fruit juice because their contribution in vitamins and minerals is minimal or nil.

In the following link , you will find more information about the food pyramid. Click this phen375 la revue

The dog depicted in art

The dog has occupied an important place in the world of art , especially in paintings and decorative arts and lately also in the film. This phenomenon, directly represent the dog in art or appear as a symbolic element, but play a major role, but contributes to the overall meaning of the work, it is quite old.Thus, in classical Greece we are represented in many friezes in pottery and ceramics. A typical example is the relief of the goddess Hecate done in marble.

In Egypt, the dogs are represented in low relief, even pharaohs with their respective dogs. also we found mummification of canids buried with their owners. Non-domestic variety, jackal, was associated with Anubis God.

Rome is depicted in art through murals, paintings and even coins. Its usefulness as a dog battle, was indisputable, to the point of organizing fights in the Roman circuses.

In the Middle Ages, until the fifteenth century, was not accepted by society, they were considered ugly and dangerous animals, since the constant wars of the time contributed to its abandonment, which returned to the wild, feeding on all kinds of carrion and even propinando attacks on livestock with consequent damage to their owners, so there are not many representations of the dog in art.

In the Renaissance, the dogs begin to have good acceptance precisely because of his work as assistants hunting. The aristocracy of the time helped to provide a good role this animal endearing, while the number of races, events that contributed to the dog represented in art, being reflected in many works of famous authors increased time.

Dogs are animals that has accompanied the man for thousands of years. We know their characteristics and therefore we can say that usually symbolizes values such as loyalty, sociability in art. For example, in the case of Pekinese that appears in “The Arnolfini Marriage”, a Gothic painting of the brothers Van Eyck, symbolizes marital fidelity through its mirrored representation among the couple, certainly the domestic dog has a place Central in marriage according to its authors. But there is more, as the “Dogs Playing Poker” Cassius Marcellus; the “Monument mongrel”; “Trials of Moses” Boticelli or “Flexpet Dog Joint Supplement” of Monet.

Far from those dogs that played a role in pictorial and decorative arts, film also has a name and plays a leading role. Often, however, it neglects the symbolic aspect that made him famous in the fine arts calls. Thus we have a whole cast of famous dogs in film, for example we cite Beethoven, Bingo, Rex, Lassie, etc. They are famous dogs that take on a new role to the extent that would have been unthinkable before.

Its acceptance as a pet made the diversity of races today were created, mostly motivated by the canines Club, associations certainly encourage and disseminate everything related to the world of dogs; the organization of dog shows makes greater public respect and admiration for this fascinating animal, to the extent considered as a member of the family home. Therefore, the industry has specialized in creating all kinds of accessories, medicines, food …, which undoubtedly contributes to their welfare. Not forgetting the many specialists in the field of canids: hairdressers, veterinary clinics, nutrition, etc.

The art of eating to live

Some people ignore advice to reduce consumption of animal products, perhaps hoping that a “magic pill” appears.But prevention is still the best medicine. There are wonderful ways to satisfy the palate without harming our health.

Remove animal products from your diet you away from our main murderers: heart disease, cancer and stroke.According to Dr. T. Colin Campbell of Cornell University and author of the greatest human epidemiological study of history, “The vast majority of all forms of cancer, cardiovascular disease and other forms of degenerative diseases, can be prevented simply by adopting plant-based diet. ”

Coronary bypass surgery (bypass) or a chemotherapy session are much more uncomfortable and difficult to change your diet. Being a vegetarian is the best thing you can do for your health.

And proteins?

In Western countries, our problem is not lack but excess protein. Most Americans consume double the proteins needed. Almost all foods contain protein, and almost impossible to eat enough calories for good health without getting enough protein. Healthy sources of protein include bread, oatmeal, beans, nuts, peas, peas), mushrooms, tofu and broccoli. Too much protein can cause calcium excretion through urine, requiring kidney and increasing the risk of osteoporosis. Kidney diseases are much more common among those who eat meat entering vegans, and excessive protein intake has also been linked to cancers of the colon, breast, prostate and pancreas.

“What about the Atkins diet and other diets based on meat?

“I call them” sick diets “porquecausan that the body acquires dequetosis state, which occurs when we are seriously ill. Another reason that use this designation is that recommended by these diets-meat, chicken, bacon, eggs and food cheese-are foods that, according to the Heart Association and the Cancer Society, cause our most dreaded diseases … there is only one way to satisfy our appetite and, at the same time, keep in shape and healthy for life: a vegetarian Las Mejores Pastillas para Adelgazar low in fat. Fruits, vegetables and a little exercise is all we need.

ASK THE EXPERTS: Dr. John McDougall, medical director of the McDougall Program

“Fish is not healthy?”

The meat of the fish can accumulate toxins up to nine million times more concentrated than the water in which they live. Furthermore, the meat of some marine animals like shrimp and shellfish contain more cholesterol than meat. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 325,000 people get sick and some die each year in the US by eating contaminated fish and other marine animals.

Tourists, Museum & Arts in Maurice Island

Mauritius villas for rental attract tourists from all parts of the world thanks to its enchanting scenery: the ocean, lagoons, beaches and crystal clear waters.

Mauritius, besides being one of the most populous countries on the planet, has beaches along 165 kilometers, which makes its waters are crystal clear is the fact of being surrounded by a coral reef that also provides maximum peace of mind these.

It is a great place to spend a vacation, surrounded by palm trees and a wide variety of wildlife (deer, bats, horned chameleons, whales, turtles, dolphins and even the most beautiful butterflies in the world) place.


By Fireshot on Flickr

Mauritius is the ideal goal also for those who love adventure, for example, you can roam the forests, parks and nature reserves trail riding. The main island surrounded by islands Esra:  Rodrigues,  the islands of Agalega and Cargados CarajosPort Louis  is the capital of the African state. Here are the shops, boutiques, markets, stalls of every genre: from clothing stalls of household utensils; the staple to the tropical fruit.

Port Louis at night (Photo kohsah on Flickr)

Port Louis at night (Photo kohsah on Flickr)

Little far from Port Louis a large nature reserve,  Domaine les Pailles . Here, children can have fun riding the little train, admiring a sugar famous driven by oxen or cool thanks to a natural spring on the island. Obligation is to visit Eureka House , a museum. There are various rooms that characterize it : some dedicated to music, other art, other guarding ancient maps of navigators … Lovers of culture can move aa Moka where the University of Mauritius and the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, founded with the objective of promoting the culture of the island.

Body-building. Art, sport or narcissism

Bodybuilding is based on anaerobic exercises that consist of a brief effort

Consumption abuse of steroids can lead to many physical problems

Consumption abuse of steroids can lead to many physical problems

Bodybuilding is conducting various intense physical exercise, anaerobic (as opposed to aerobic, ie, do not need oxygen or breathing) based on the force, like weight lifting, in order to define the muscles of the body. Are commonly performed activities in gyms, they are short – lived, lasting between 30 seconds and a minute and a half.

Recently he passed a veteran bodybuilders competition held by Personal trainer DC. A traffic accident was what ended the life of this champion. Valbuena bodybuilding began at age 47 and has won about 140 trophies, both national and international, including the World Championship Strength and Endurance 2015 in the category of over 70 years is after lifting 17 times a weight of 100 kilos.

Generally, the goal of an athlete bodybuilding obtain good muscle definition. To do this, first you have to win a large muscle mass with intense training, and on the other to obtain a low percentage of body fat.

The steps to get a well defined body are: Weight lifting against resistance : Weight training, which causes muscle damage called microtrauma. Repair of microtrauma contributes to muscle growth. The bodybuilder carried out based training sets and repetitions.

Something very important for a bodybuilder is nutrition . You need to consume a diet high quality and must also incorporate additional proteins, helping the growth and repair of muscles. Furthermore, addition of proteins necessary to incorporate carbohydrates because they provide energy during training.

Finally we must properly rest to facilitate growth. Damaged fibers need adequate rest and sleep. It takes at least eight hours of rest to be ready for the next session.

In addition to the above instructions, often steroids, drugs known to increase muscle mass they are used. Abuse this substance can cause negative side effects. A recent study by Professor Antonio Bonetti and his team at the University of Parma in Italy, confirms that men who consume steroids bodybuilders are at risk for sexual problems, fertility and suffer lose heart.

In addition to steroids are often given drugs other dopants as diuretics, erythropoietin, insulin, growth hormone, analogues gonadotropic hormones, sympathomimetics, …

At first it was a sport assigned to men, but in the 80s women also begin to practicefreely and have their own competitions. Although in his case by the culture in general are not usually frowned upon , since the standards of beauty and femininity preset do not correspond to the physical results they get the fiscoculturistas. Like men, they also consume steroids, side effects for them are usually strong hormonal changes such as the adoption of certain manly you characterize as the growth of hair on the chest and face.

Movies you must see to know art

To approach the art is not always necessary to go to museums and read books full of information that sometimes does not end by landing the work of an artist and the reasons for their work and ideologies.

The film gives the opportunity to deliver all that content that soaks the viewer with shapes, colors, dialogues, music and scenes keys to understanding the contexts in which the artist lives and creates, showing the vulnerability that enclose the creators of artistic currents they defined the history of the arts in the world.

The films shown below not only speak of the artist, including the environment in which they operate, the inspiration that took to realize and exercise their artistic development and his legacy. For the best quality of these movies we recommend you to watch on project free tv



Antoni Ribas



A clear reference of surrealism is Salvador Dalí, Spanish painter who materialized the concepts that were recorded on the current Breton prevailed at the time. A place full of mysteries artist and record a style that many artists tried to match.


Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams

Akira Kurosawa

1990 Dreams become art. In this film the relationship human beings have shown the senses and as baskets help us rationalize emotions, understanding and using media to realize what happens in the mind of humans.


guilles Bourdos


The impressionist painter par excellence is portrayed in his familiar and loving environment. Convincing the viewer on artistic work and inspiration that humans possess based on other human beings.


Girl with a Pearl Earring

Peter weber


Inspired by Vermeer painting Girl with a Pearl Earring,  this story is a benchmark of pictorial art and film. The characters that generates Peter Weber weaves together a story full of romance and inspiration, where nostalgia of indifference prevails.


Factory girl

George Hikenlooper


Pop artist Andy Warhol art is portrayed by Guy Pearce as one of the most interesting human on earth. When choosing muse Edie Sedgwick and transform your life into a whirlwind of drugs, alcohol and bruised egos.



Raoul Ruiz


A portrait of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt and his legacy to art nouveau and painting fraught with eroticism. The creator of The Kiss is shown as an artist who created from really passionate moments. It also displays the art style in the late nineteenth century.



Ed Harris


Jackson Pollock was an American abstract expressionist painter icon and creator of dripping, it reflects the strong addiction that had alcohol and the close relationship he had with Peggy Guggenheim , one of the most important collectors of art in the world.


Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen


Paris is the perfect place to find scenario, besides love, the inspiration to create works of art that leave a legacy in history. The drama takes place in the imagination of a writer who longs to live and write as they did in the 20s, where he believes live with the great artists of the time like Dalí, Luis Buñuel, Hemingway, Gertrude Stein and Picasso in its infancy.



Julian Schnabel

nineteen ninety six

One of the great representatives of postmodernism is Basquiat and street art. In the film we can see David Bowie playing the maniacal mentor Andy Warhol as American artist.


Julie Taymor 2002 The magnificent Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is portrayed as one of the most powerful peoplein the art of recent years women. Because grace and suffering that characterized it could accomplish things that no woman in his time in art. Love, passion, unfortunately, fame and death are related to this film. Watch these movies also at couchtuner.

The art of cosmetic dentistry


How many times while you watch TV, read a magazine or browse the internet and look at the pictures of hundreds of public figures, artists, models, etc … thought:

That’s the smile I want to have!

Currently it is possible to previously design the smile that has always dreamed of and before taking the decision to start a dental treatment visualize in your mouth in a quick manner as will be seen upon finalization; It is about creating a plane on your teeth so you can have a much more real than the end result feeling.

The term PREDETERMINATION which means “predetermine” plays a key role in the development and production of a cosmetic treatment plan; only with a photographic protocol and a study models it makes your dentist can anticipate in one appointment to visualize and feel the outcome of treatment.
without touching the teeth.

There DSD known as “Digital SmileDesign” where a computer program by Freedom Dental Melbourne that performs a design of your smile given face shape, lip position and extension of digital techniques smile.
Another commonly used technique is to perform a laboratory process from a model study and develop a “scale model” called MOCK UP to design a treatment plan directly over her mouth.


A dental center specialized in aesthetics and Promta Clinic previously evaluated all aspects that influence the “harmonious Smile”, that is the true art of aesthetics, design smiles for each person according to their type of face and not a general stereotype for all people.
Before any dental treatment for cosmetic purposes, request a predetermination, get involved with the outcome you want, plan how you want to be, get advice from an expert, his smile is worth it and is responsible for opening the doors to success.